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published6 months ago
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Hi! I’m Jenna. Welcome to The Spark Wellness Newsletter. I’m a holistic mental wellness coach. I operate at the intersection of mental health, self-care, nutrition and REAL LIFE.

This is what you can expect to receive in my weekly(ish) newsletter:

  • Strategies for managing stress and overwhelm
  • Evidence-based research and recommendations you can use to take care of your mental wellness
  • Recipes and insights that can help you use good mood foods to boost your energy – the best antidote to stress!

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I'm going to try a new newsletter feature. Every month of so, I'll share a round up of what I've reading, learning, and eating, and I'll share resources I've found helpful that might interest you. Reply and let me know what you think or share any resources you recommend I check out.

What I'm Learning

I've just finished a training program for the Stress and Well-Being Assessment. This research-validated assessment was tested on testing with a group of 1,500 people. It is a helpful to tool to help you pinpoint areas of stress and well-being so you can focus your attention. Repeating the assessment after creating new wellness strategies can help you see where they are making a difference, even if you aren't noticing it yourself.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, it's hard to know where to start. This package is designed to help you identify where to focus your attention to produce the most impact in reducing stress and improving resilience.

During the debrief, we'll identify your next steps and create a realistic action plan you can implement without making your life more complicated. The follow-up session will be an opportunity to celebrate your successes, make adjustments to your plan and answer any questions.

The Stress and Well-Being Assessment package includes:

  • the SWB assessment which will take you about 15 minutes to complete online
  • a 60-minute debrief of the assessment
  • a 30-minute follow-up strategy session

Until the end of August, I'm offering a special rate on my new Stress and Well-Being Assessment package for only $97 (CAD). Starting September 1, the price will increase to $197. Book your package here.

What I'm Reading

I've started tracking my reading with the StoryGraph app. My reading goal this year is 40 books. According to the app, I've mostly read books with a medium pace and 300-499 pages. It's a fun app if you like to see your reading displayed in graphs based on genre, length, pace, mood etc.

I just finished reading Modern Lovers by Emma Straub (affiliate link). This is great summer reading! I read most of it sitting in the backyard with our new dog. It is well-written and the characters are engaging, but it is still light enough for summer holiday reading.

Next on my reading list The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan. I'll let you know how I like it next month.

How I'm Moving

I find that in the summer my exercise and movement routine changes. There are more days of garden work and outside time, and fewer days when I actually set aside time for a formal workout.

Of course, I've been walking a lot more than usual since we got a dog. Having a new pet definitely changes how we spend our days. To create some moments of calm as we figure out a new routine, I've been enjoying Caren Baginski's restorative yoga videos on YouTube. She has morning yoga to get your day started, stretching routines which are great for sore or stiff muscles, and restorative yoga to help settle your mind and body. The restorative yoga routines focus on regulating your nervous system, which is so important when you are going through a period of transition or busyness.

What I'm Eating

I've shared some summer drink recipes in my Facebook group and they'll be on IG too. I've been making rhubarb lemonade concentrate, which I shared online. It is a refreshing drink when you serve it with sparkling water.

I've also been using the raspberries from our garden to make syrup. It has been delicious poured over shaved ice for a cool dessert. I used this recipe as a starting point but I decreased the quantities to 2 cups of raspberries, 1 cup of water and 2-3 Tablespoons of honey. I just stored it in the fridge because it didn't last long.

What I'm Recommending

I've become more selective about who I invite into my email inbox. My file of messages and articles to read is already too big, but there are a few newsletters I read right away when they arrive.

One of my favourites is Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole Smith. Her tagline is "Navigating diet culture and fatphobia, especially through health, fashion, and parenting. (But non-parents like it too!)." I know that her messages will always make me think about how I approach and understand nutrition and wellness. I hope that I will someday be able to articulate the challenges of diet culture and how it relates to mental wellness as well as she can. In the meantime, I recommend you read what she has to say.

Reply and let me know what you thought of this new newsletter format. I hope you find it helpful and interesting. I only plan to do a message like this once every month or two, so you can expect more tips and strategies next week.

Take care and be well,

Jenna Kelland (she/her), PhD (Adult Education)

Holistic Mental Wellness Coach​

P.S. Until the end of August, I'm offering a special rate on my new Stress and Well-Being Assessment package for only $97 (CAD). Starting September 1, the price will increase to $197. Book your package here.

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